What Our Customers Say
As a business owner that works long hours, I didn’t have time for meal prep. As a result, I found myself having protein bars and shakes all day long. Fit Foods Rx was, and still is, the solution to my meal prep dilemma. Their meals are simple and convenient to order, they come right to my office, and I can manipulate the calories and macros to my exact specifications. Most importantly the meals taste great and I look forward to eating them! I’d recommend Fit Foods to anyone who’s looking for nutritious, high-quality, meals that taste great and make you feel better. Thank you Ken, Darcy and your team for making my life easier
- Michael Stack, BS CFP CSCS*D CPSCEO & Exercise Physiologist - Applied Fitness Solutions​
FitFoodsRX saves me so much time and I am very thankful for the quality food and service they provide. I’ve been a loyal customer since the beginning and continue to order to this day. Finding the time to make my meals isn’t always the easiest. I tend to stay busy between my full time career in the corporate world, part time training clientele, and of course my own training as a National Level NPC competitor. Nutrition is 80% of my success for any of my health and fitness goals. So whether I’m in prep for a show or not, I always like to make sure I have prepared meals on hand each week so I can eat healthy and fuel my body with what it needs. If I didn’t have my FitFoodsRX to grab every morning to take with me to work, I know I’d find myself spending money eating out and making choices to eat less nutritional food. And yes it does taste amazing. Thank you FitFoodsRX.
- Jennifer GordonDirector, Reporting and Analytics for Chrysler / top National level figure athlete Chrysler​
I am so happy I found Fit Foods Rx. Fitness and nutrition are the pinnacle of good physical and mental health. As a doctor, I make sure to incorporate exercise and good nutrition into my daily routine. It’s never easy to make time, but Fit Foods Rx makes it manageable. I know I can focus on a good workout and not worry about setting aside enough time to prepare a meal. Your meals are always delicious and save me from the temptation of cutting nutritional corners for the sake of time. I love Fit Foods Rx and cannot wait to share this with my family, friends, and patients. Thanks!
- Dr. Michael Freedland, MD, ASPS Plastic Surgeon, Detroit MI​
Fit Foods RX makes incredible tasting meals. I have used them for my entire contest prep, as well as at my shows for the final few day. The high-quality meals Fit Foods RX provides make contest prep much easier on me. Fit Foods RX not only has incredible food, but great people working for them. Their customer service is second to none.
- John Meadows, IFBB Pro+Owner - Mountaindogdiet.com