About the Meals

Yes, you are able to customize your own meal by choosing the type and amount of protein, carbs and vegetables under our “Build Your Own” menu.
All you need to do is simply heat your meal for 90-120 seconds depending on the power of the microwave and desired temperature. Our containers are eco-friendly and microwave safe.
We have many gluten-free options. The Blueberry Muffins, Pancakes, and our rice however are not gluten-free.

Yes, you can freeze our meals if you do not expect to eat them in the first 5 days. We highly recommend enjoying your meals fresh until the best use by date on the container.

Your meals will stay fresh in your refrigerator for 5 days. If you are looking for meal prep for 7 days, please order twice weekly. The best use by date is clearly labeled on your meal. Please use that date for best taste.

We make every effort and use best practices to avoid cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross contamination with your meals. Food allergy reactions can range from mild to severe. We urge you to use caution when ordering Fit Foods Rx meals, as some of our Signature Meals do contain common allergens such as peanuts, nuts, dairy, and wheat. If you suffer from food allergies, we encourage you to contact us ahead of time as we are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have and inform you which meals are allergen free.
Our chefs prepare all of our meals in our state of the art kitchen. All meals are packaged in eco-friendly containers that are sealed tightly and are microwave safe. Meals are prepared and cooked the day prior to the delivery day to ensure freshness.

Shipping and Pickup

We have various pick-up locations in the Metro Detroit area where meals are delivered with no charge. Choose the most convenient pick-up location at checkout. Meals are bagged with your name on it and placed in our Fit Foods Rx refrigerator at the location you choose.

We ship our meals via FedEx. There are two shipping options available to choose from: Ground and Standard Overnight. FedEx Ground: 1-3 business days for most areas and arrives between 9AM – 8PM (Note: FedEx Ground cannot deliver to P.O. boxes) FedEx Standard Overnight: Next business day delivery by 3 p.m. to most U.S. addresses; by 4:30 p.m. to rural areas; and by 8 p.m. to residences.

Pickup– Orders placed between Wednesday – Saturday at midnight are ready on Monday after 5 pm. Orders placed between Sunday – Tuesday at midnight are ready on Thursday after 3 pm. You should receive a confirmation email stating your order has been delivered. Delivery– Orders that were overnighted with FedEx will be received the next day. Monday’s orders will arrive on Tuesday and Thursday’s orders will arrive on Friday.

No need to be home when your box arrives; there is no signature required. Please refrigerate upon your arrival.

Our insulated boxes are packed with ice packs to ensure that your meals stay cold on your doorstep. When you get home, place your meals directly in the refrigerator.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns once your meal is delivered. However, we strive for customer satisfaction. If the meal you ordered did not meet your expectations, please contact us by phone or email and we will remake it.

If you notice an issue with your order, please contact us at 586-459-0404 or or***@fi********.com within 24 hours. We will not be able to address any issues that are reported after that time frame. Please provide photos and as much detail as possible when reporting any issue

Customer Service

For all order inquiries or questions, please email us! Our customer experience team is standing by to help. Email: in**@fi********.com Follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

You can cancel your subscription by logging into your account at Once logged in, you will see a list of your active subscriptions, click the “Cancel” button next to the subscription you want to cancel.

Yes, you will need to can cancel your subscription and create a new subscription. You can find instructions on how to “How do I cancel my subscription” in this FAQ.

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