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Welcome to Fit Foods Rx

Fit Foods RX is a meal prep company that is designed for the healthy minded individual. Our meals are well-balanced, cooked with the healthiest ingredients and shipped or delivered to strategic drop off locations in greater Metro Detroit. We do not dry ice our food nor, does it come frozen. Always fresh is our philosophy!

Choose from our signature dishes or customize your own meal.

Our chefs prepare each meal using the freshest ingredients.  We make eating healthy easy and convenient!

Your meals will be available for pick up, at the location you choose at checkout, on Mondays and Thursdays.

All you need to do is simply heat your meal up in our eco-friendly, microwave safe packaging and enjoy!

Why Us

At Fit Foods RX, our passion is to create nutritious meals with top quality, all natural ingredients while offering affordable pricing. We take the guesswork out of eating healthy. Our meals taste great and are packaged in microwave safe containers, which make them great for busy lifestyles. We offer convenient drop-off locations and we ship next day via Fed Ex.

Why It Works

  • Portions are measured out and weighed by hand to ensure you are getting exactly the amount of food needed to obtain your goals.
  • We save you time, money & the hassle of preparing the meals you need to lose weight, gain muscle and reach your highest fitness potential.
  • Your food is always available at the time you need it. No waiting for food to cook. Your body gets the fuel it needs when it needs it.

What Our Customers Say

I am so happy I found Fit Foods Rx.  Fitness and nutrition are the pinnacle of good physical and mental health.  As a doctor, I make sure to incorporate exercise and good nutrition into my daily routine.  It's never easy to make time, but Fit Foods Rx makes it manageable.  I know I can focus on a good workout and not worry about setting aside enough time to prepare a meal.   Your meals are always delicious and save me from the temptation of cutting nutritional corners for the sake of time.  I love Fit Foods Rx and cannot wait to share this with my family, friends, and patients.  Thanks!

michael freedland
Dr. Michael Freedland, MDASPS Plastic Surgeon, Detroit MI​

As a business owner that works long hours, I didn't have time for meal prep.  As a result, I found myself having protein bars and shakes all day long.  Fit Foods Rx was, and still is, the solution to my meal prep dilemma.  Their meals are simple and convenient to order, they come right to my office, and I can manipulate the calories and macros to my exact specifications.  Most importantly the meals taste great and I look forward to eating them!  I'd  recommend Fit Foods to anyone who's looking for nutritious, high-quality, meals that taste great and make you feel better.  Thank you Ken, Darcy and your team for making my life easier and healthier!

Michael Stack
Michael Stack, BS CFP CSCS*D CPSCEO & Exercise Physiologist - Applied Fitness Solutions